What are the advantages of aluminum doors and windows

Throughout the overall building materials market, has long been the traditional wooden home “rule.” Although people usually contact the home products are made of man-made sheet, but still can not escape the scope of wood products. Today, with the popularity of environmental awareness and technological progress, all walks of life are gradually to the “green” transformation. Aluminum and other environmentally friendly profiles began by manufacturers and consumers of all ages. As a result, aluminum doors and windows, cabinets and other products have also take the potential against the attack.

What is aluminum doors and windows, I am afraid that some people are not very understanding. Aluminum alloy is a kind of light weight, high strength, good conductivity thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance, green and new materials, with excellent mechanical properties and processing performance. At present, the aluminum alloy profiles in the field of interior decoration the most widely used for aluminum doors and windows, cabinets, curtain walls and so on.

What are the advantages of aluminum doors and windows?

The popularity of new materials is bound to have a different absolute advantage in order to market or consumer recognition, then what is the aluminum doors and windows worthy of our respected? Speaking of which, we have to talk about the traditional home of the ills. As we all know, the traditional wood-based home more or less have formaldehyde release problems, but also because of space, climate change caused by instability. In contrast, the characteristics of aluminum doors and windows to make people excited.

Material Green: Aluminum is the most readily available and reusable material on Earth, and its production and manufacturing processes do not pollute the environment and do not cause any damage to human health. All aluminum home has zero armor, no benzene, non-toxic, no radiation, no pollution, recyclable, etc., absolutely green.

Moisture-proof, fire, corrosion, insulation: aluminum alloy home with good moisture resistance, the home surface through the coating or film processing, even if the long-term in a humid environment is not easy to deformation, rot, breeding bacteria, greatly extended the life of the home, Increased use of the scope. The kind of home also has fire, anti-corrosion performance. As the aluminum profile of the structural characteristics, so its sound insulation, good insulation properties.

Easy to industrial production: aluminum alloy with high strength, good plasticity, easy surface processing, casting and welding processing performance for the aluminum alloy home furnishing industrial production provides a strong guarantee. With the continuous improvement of production technology, aluminum alloy home design, greatly simplifying the home production process, shorten the production cycle. Aluminum alloy home design using modular thinking, manufacturing standard universal household components, and then through the combination of finished parts into the finished product, easy to install, save time and labor, and can be repeated disassembly and migration. Not only that, aluminum doors and windows at the same time also has pest control, impact resistance, no smell, no deformation, easy to clean, sealing strong, super durable and so on. Moreover, the aluminum alloy profiles are mostly hollow structure, light weight, the material than the same volume of brick light 70 times, only one-third of the weight of stainless steel.

At present, when the traditional home industry because of environmental remediation and very headache moment, a variety of tangible and intangible costs to form a high pressure situation, price pressure is difficult to eradicate. Aluminum doors and windows, the emergence of cabinets, a traditional home industry is difficult to underestimate the opponent, after all, play a price war, who can win it? In the long run, with the continuous lack of forest resources, people on the green sustainable Life attention to improve, aluminum profiles with its light weight, high strength, good processing performance, recyclable characteristics, will be widely used in home production.

Building materials market is like a boiling ocean, never stopped the innovation and the story of the interpretation of the inverse. Today, aluminum alloy doors and windows and other building materials products are being a new force by the manufacturers attention, the future, or in the building materials market to play a more important role.

What are the advantages of aluminum doors and windows

New Strip Ceiling

New Strip Ceiling

Use of places: a decoration materials for office decoration, subway station decoration, billboards and so on.
Aluminum buckle Product Features:
1, beautiful appearance, with flexible; aluminum buckle smallpox with clear and smooth lines and a variety of stylish appearance, different panel size can be flexible with the designer to provide more design ideas, to create a different decorative effect.
2, the structure is simple, easy loading and unloading; product for the standard keel buckle structure, the appearance of flat, simple structure, the installation of the keel only by the horizontal line hoisting, the buckle up the buckle, disassembly and maintenance is also simple.
3, fire and moisture, sound insulation; product cloth hole and in the back of the non-natural sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton can have a better sound-absorbing effect, play a decorative role at the same time more sound, insulation, fire, moisture The
4, practical, widely used; products for high office space, corridors, airports, banks, exhibition halls, public health and private accommodation, in all kinds of decoration have a better decorative effect. Set the practical and beautiful in one, it is aluminum buckle ceiling advantage and charm lies, with the decoration industry is bound to be more people’s favorite.
Aluminum buckle Product parameters:
Specifications (mm): 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W
Length: within 6 meters
Thickness (mm): 0.5-1.0
Folding type: Straight edge, bevel edge
Material: Advanced aluminum alloy
Surface treatment: powder coating, fluorocarbon, polyester paint, roller coating, film

C-type seamless buckle installation method:
1, pop the ceiling height of the baseline, the installation of aluminum corners.
2, pop up the boom distribution line, according to the height of the ceiling installation boom, spacing 1m-1.2m, the end of the boom from the wall is not greater than 300mm, keel spacing 1m.
3, with C buckle pieces, the C buckle keel and boom connection, dislocation of the joints arranged, transferred to the level.
4, the C buckle card into the C buckle keel can be.

Inlaid buckle (U buckle) Installation method:
1, pop the ceiling height of the baseline, the installation of aluminum corners.
2, pop up the boom distribution line, according to the height of the ceiling installation boom, spacing 1m-1.2m, the end of the boom from the wall is not greater than 300mm, keel spacing 1m.
3, with U buckle pieces, U buckle keel and boom connection, dislocation of the joints arranged, transferred to the level.
4, the U-shaped buckle ceiling button in order to buckle in the U-shaped keel, in the two U-shaped buckle gap embedded in the strip.
Aluminum buckets are mainly used for crowded public places, easy to air circulation, can make long-distance space is more spacious, so that the long space is no longer because of the distance and produce a sense of cautious, simple and not flat, adequate light And the sense of order, but also make the space full of fashion. Berls building materials aluminum striped ceiling is widely used: sports venues, stations, shopping malls, building facades, airports, hospitals, such as subway, exhibition hall, shopping centers, corridors, corridors and other open occasions.
The surface treatment of aluminum stripe is mainly film, roll, anodized. The implementation of these processes and the advantages of different. The film is a kind of physical technology, a layer of aluminum layer of a layer of high temperature and high pressure made by pressing; roller is the use of three words at the beginning of the international standard aluminum hot bar aluminum alloy plate as the substrate, Anodic oxidation is the metal or alloy parts as an anode, the use of electrolysis to form the surface of the oxide film. In the case of
(A) film
Film is a physical process, a layer of aluminum layer through a high temperature and pressure from the pressure together.
The advantages of the coating process are:
1, anti-fumes: from high-light film processing, easy to clean.
2, wear-resistant: unique PET layer, durable.
3, anti-moisture: surface coating, relief of water and aluminum direct contact, durability and strong.
4, feel good: the surface of a layer of film, touch smooth, changing the metal material cold single feeling.
5, color and more: from a variety of colors to choose from.
6, moderate price, good quality and good.
(2) roller coating
Roller is the use of three words at the beginning of the international standard aluminum hot bar of high-quality aluminum alloy plate as the substrate, through the three Tu three drum coating process from the pressure together.
1, environmental protection: the use of international standard aluminum as the substrate, no free state harmful metal elements, in line with EU international standards.
2, the use of advanced nano-technology, anti-scratch anti-corrosion anti-oil pollution.
3, resistance to decay: color is not easy to change color.
4, acid and alkali
5, resistant to powder: roller coating process evenly and exquisite, can effectively avoid the surface of the phenomenon of ceiling powder.
(C) anodized
The advantages of anodic oxidation process are:
1, health and environmental protection: no chromium, mercury, cadmium and other harmful metal elements
2, scratch-resistant wear: can achieve sapphire hardness
3, anti-fingerprint
4, anti-corrosion
5, self-cleaning: anti-static, easy to adsorb dust, easy to clean.
6, colorful: after repeated anodized, rich colors, true color.
7, Seiko board: 36 Road craft carved from the surface of the convex texture of the effective shielding radiation.
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Skills in choosing Aluminum ceiling

Skills in choosing Aluminum ceiling

1, pick material
The quality of the aluminum ceiling is largely determined by the material it uses. Currently on the market of aluminum ceiling materials used mainly aluminum and magnesium alloy, aluminum and manganese alloy, aluminum and so on. Which aluminum and magnesium alloy is best, the biggest advantage of the material is good antioxidant capacity, and because of the manganese content, so have a certain strength and stiffness, is to do the best material for smallpox. Followed by aluminum-manganese alloy, the strength and stiffness of the material is slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy, but the antioxidant capacity is slightly lower than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. Such as both sides are carried out protective treatment, basically able to solve its antioxidant capacity as aluminum magnesium alloy shortcomings.

2, the election process
According to the material surface treatment in different forms, can be divided into spray board, roller coating, covered board several. The surface of the coated plate is a layer of PVC film, with a surface paste firmly. The surface of the film is a layer of PVC film, which is a kind of PVC film, which has the advantages of short service life, easy color difference and so on. The surface of the coating plate is uniform, smooth, no leakage coating, shrinkage, scratches, , No wrinkling, scratches, shedding, leakage stickers and other advantages.

3, look at the thickness
In the small market, you can often hear the salesman said: “Kouban of course, the thicker the better, you see our buckle plate thick ah … …” In fact, the aluminum plate is not thicker the better, the thickness is buckle plate hardness , But if the hardness is not enough, the buckle will be deformed; but the home furnishings 0.6 mm or 0.7 mm thick buckle board has been completely enough, those soil miscellaneous aluminum plate, because the material is not good, then thick is useless.

Skills in choosing Aluminum ceiling

You should know the tool metal ceiling products.

You should know the tool metal ceiling products.

Tool metal ceiling in the tooling, such as some parking lot or shopping mall subway station through the ceiling will be the top of some of the wires, all kinds of pipe angle iron cover, and the use of metal modeling and the overall architectural style of organic combination, good design can be In the entire interior effect play the role of finishing touch. Tool metal ceiling is more commonly used what? The following Baers building materials Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction.

1,aluminum ceiling (aluminum Panel)
Aluminum ceiling ceiling structure is tight, waterproof and strong: the installation of the structure for the wind-style special keel buckle structure, the fight is very strong, no gap, waterproof strong; high keel, wind strong: high keel has a fixed modulus Of the card teeth, metal ceilings for the wind resistance of each tooth are designed next to the wind card code, suitable for outdoor decoration, high security, can be suitable for outdoor devices and flexible assembly use for designers to provide a broader concept of space. More commonly used: office, conference rooms, factories, hotels, schools and other places ceiling decoration.

aluminum ceiling

2,Open cell ceilings
Grille ceiling combination of flexible: aluminum grille and aluminum frame combination, after installation, more unique design, modeling novel features, grille ceiling and the top of the bones to enhance the integrity of the bones of the firmness, the main bone and vice Bone can be pruned in the field to meet the requirements of different venues, pruned bone can still be used in conjunction with each other, the main bone and vice bone port structure elegant, so that the seamless connection of the bones. More commonly used: shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibition halls, restaurants and other ceiling decoration

Open cell ceilings

3,aluminum tube ceiling
Aluminum is used to conceal a large number of crowded public places, easy to air circulation, exhaust, heat at the same time, can make the light distribution evenly, so that the entire space bright and spacious. Aluminum is widely used in: subway, high-speed rail stations, stations, airports, large shopping malls, access, leisure venues, public toilets, building facades and other open places. Aluminum is a kind of open-type long hanging plate, is composed of aluminum by the distance between the composition. Using a long plate hanging in the keel installation test, in the visual level hidden keel system. Aluminum vertical ceiling vertical coherent thick, simple and elegant appearance with the times style. Commonly used in: airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, corridors and other places ceiling decoration

aluminum tube ceiling

4,aluminum blade ceiling
Aluminum hanging film has an open field of vision, making people extremely open mind, ventilation, breathable, clear lines, structured. Aluminum hanging film installation effect is simple, clear, is the style of modern art. Aluminum lattice color diversity, wood is now the most popular colors, but also a high degree of imitation of the natural flavor of the color, so that people can feel the work of life in the exhaustion of nature. Commonly used in: airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, corridors and other places ceiling decoration

aluminum blade ceiling

5,aluminum hook ceiling
Hooked plate density: aluminum ceilings metal ceilings installation structure, simple and stable, the ceiling hidden, the upper 38 main bone and the lower triangle keel with a solid structure of the combination of wells, easy installation and removal, The board is very smooth, the board and the analysis between the stitching is through the keel in order to fold together, the board side of the unique hook design, can be a very good control board and board between the activities to ensure that the board and The gap between the plates is closer and flat. Commonly used in: hotels, exhibition halls, conference halls, airports, subways, high-speed rail stations, shopping malls, corridors, corridors and other places ceiling decoration

aluminum hook ceiling

Tool metal ceiling product performance characteristics:
1,excellent board coating performance. General high-quality aluminum plate is used in high-quality paint, imported high-speed automatic coating line coating, flat surface, no color, coating adhesion, acid, alkali, salt spray erosion, long time does not change color , Paint does not fall off, the service life of more than 20 years, and easy maintenance, just rinse with water will be clean as new.

2,a strong compound fastness. High-quality aluminum plate by the high-polymer and polymer materials by hot and pressure compound, after 2 hours of boiling water test and no bond layer damage phenomenon.

3,light weight, high strength. The average plate is generally about 8.5 kg, in the case of the same stiffness, the weight is lighter than other materials.

4,sound insulation, shock. The vibration attenuation coefficient is six times that of pure aluminum, air insulation is better than other plates, and thermal conductivity is small, is the ideal sound insulation, insulation, shockproof building materials.

5,safe non-toxic, fire. The core of the metal ceiling product is made of non-toxic polyethylene, its surface is non-combustible aluminum plate, the surface combustion characteristics comply with the building regulations of the fire resistance requirements.

6,rich colors, wide selection of wide Color, the user can according to their own furniture color and floor color with a random combination.

7, excellent processing performance. Can be cut, saw, milling, punching, pressure, folding, bending and other processing molding, can accurately complete the design requirements.

Airport, hotel, supermarket which be suitable what thickness of aluminum ceiling?

Airport, hotel, supermarket which be suitable what thickness of aluminum ceiling?

The specifications of Aluminum Ceiling are many, aluminum plate width, thickness, folding height is also a diversified. Selection should be based on space, color, environmental factors to choose the characteristics. Aluminum buckle board is divided into two kinds of punch and flat surface. Surface punching can breathe sound absorption, buckle plate inside a layer of thin film cushion, moisture can be absorbed through the punching film, so it is most suitable for moisture more wet places to use.

Aluminum buckle board is good or bad is thin, the key lies in the texture of aluminum, aluminum alloy plate with general aluminum plate with 0.8 mm, or even thicker, why? Because some of the works with a very long buckle, in order to prevent deformation, so use thicker, hardness of some, on the contrary, home improvement with aluminum slab plate, rarely more than 4 meters, and aluminum buckle on the ceiling no heavy So, 0.6 mm is enough to use.

Airport, hotel, supermarket which be suitable what thickness of aluminum ceiling?

How to choose an office Glass Partition ?

How to choose an office Glass Partition ?

How to choose an office Glass Partition ?

1, Rock Wool: in the office of high-cut wall two-layer solid panel to be filled with fireproof rock wool board or similar partition material.

2, Venetian blind: in the office glass high partition wall of the two layers of security glass inside can choose to install the built-in horizontal metal blinds, so that the wall can also have both open and private dual function. Usually use high-quality metal curtains can be delayed to reduce the degree of deformation, to extend the overall service life.

3, door with hardware: wooden hinge, glass door hinge, wooden door locks, glass lock and glass to spring and other high-quality doors with hardware.

4, the door: a solid core wood doors, frameless glass doors, glass doors and so on.

5, the screen glass: the office is also a high spacing material, three-dimensional sense of strong, and can be used for decoration, the market recently there are many new glass partition, for the production of a variety of partitions, for the production of cut off the function of the glass There are generally the following varieties:

A, painted glass: This is a lot of today’s decoration design used a decorative glass. Stained glass color transparent, characters vivid and bright, rich patterns of bright patterns, but the hard cut function is not strong, emphasis on decorative. Production: first with a special plastic to draw a variety of patterns, and then use the lead oil to describe the separation line, and finally with a special colloidal pigment on the pattern coloring.

B, sandblasting glass: the surface of the glass surface caused by the erosion effect, the formation of translucent matte effect, with a hazy beauty, good light transmission, in the visual space can increase the sense of spaciousness. Used to express the definition of the area but not closed each other, such as conference rooms, manager room.

C, polished glass: a three-dimensional sense of strong, realistic image, good condenser and other advantages, you can brushwork, freehand painting, writing, flowers, birds, insects, fish, people, scenery and so on, with the nation Characteristics, in addition to as a partition, you can also make living room curtain wall, ceiling, doors and windows and so on.

D, carved glass: generally divided into artificial and computer carving. Artificial sculpture is the use of skilled knife depth and turning with the show, showing the texture of the glass.

E, as the floating glass: its own pattern of color with the observer’s perspective changes and flutter, and the pattern lines clear and smooth, so that the office space to add a mysterious dynamic.

F, crystal glass: hard texture, shiny bright, under the shining of colored light, even more colorful, resplendent. More for the living room and table space decoration, and not as a substantive cut off.

G, mosaic glass: a more casual glass, you can put the color of the glass, matte hazy glass, clear and clear any combination of glass, and then to separate the metal wire, abstract and rich with the creative.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Happy Valentine's Day.

Curtain walls also need sun louver?

Curtain walls also need sun louver?


Curtain walls also need sun louver?


The appearance of the glass curtain wall is beautiful and the overall feeling is strong. The glass body is decorated with glass curtain wall. Because of the large area of glass and metal structure, the glass surface heat transfer is strong and the thermal transmittance is high. influences. In the hot summer months, the sun broke through the glass into the room, is the main cause of indoor temperature overheating.
If you set the shade system on the glass curtain wall, you can minimize the direct sunlight exposure, so as to avoid indoor overheating, hot areas of buildings is one of the main measures of heat. Set the shade, there will be the following effects and effects:
First, the role of sun exposure to solar radiation. In general, the shading coefficient is controlled by the material itself and the environment. Shade to block the effect of solar radiation is quite large, glass curtain wall construction shade measures is the effect is obvious.
Second, the sun on the indoor temperature effect. Shade to prevent the indoor temperature rise has a significant effect, there is shade, the room temperature amplitude is smaller, the maximum temperature at room temperature delay, indoor temperature field uniform. Therefore, the sun on the air-conditioned room can reduce the cold load, so the air-conditioning construction, the shade is one of the main measures to save electricity.
Third, the role of shade on lighting. From the natural lighting point of view, shading measures will block the direct sunlight, to prevent glare, so that the indoor illumination distribution is more uniform, contribute to the normal visual work. For the surrounding environment, the sun can disperse the glass curtain wall of the glass (especially coated glass) reflected light, to avoid a large area of glass reflective light pollution.
Fourth, the role of shade on the appearance of the building. The outer shade system as an active facade element, to be used, even called double-sided facade form. The first floor is the facade of the building itself and the other is the facade of the dynamic shade. This kind of “dynamic” image of the building is not because of the architectural facade of the fashion needs, but the modern technology to solve the human energy conservation and enjoy the natural needs of a new modern architectural form.

Nine questions that are often asked on Aluminum Doors and Windows

Nine questions that are often asked on Aluminum Doors and Windows


Nine questions that are often asked on Aluminum Doors and Windows


1. What are aluminum alloy doors and Windows?
Aluminum alloy is a building material which is mainly aluminum alloy with some alloy elements to enhance strength and hardness.Aluminum alloy doors and Windows, it refers to the use of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, tin, fan materials made of doors and Windows called aluminum doors and Windows, or aluminum doors and Windows.

2. What is the bridge window?
The bridge alloy window is an improved model for improving the insulation performance of doors and Windows.Broken bridge type aluminium alloy window principle is to use PA66 nylon inside and outside two layer of aluminum alloy is separated and closely connected into a whole, the formation of three layers of air layer, the inner and outer conductor, both inside and outside color can be chosen optionally, beautiful, good performance, the formation of energy saving effect, is a kind of new type thermal insulation of aluminum.

3. What is the difference between the normal aluminum alloy profile and the aluminum alloy section?
Common aluminum profile inside and outside the same color, without air layer, heat transfer and heat dissipation;The three-layer air layer of the aluminum profile of the bridge is different from the inside and outside. The temperature difference is different and the color is diversified.

4. What is insulating glass?
Hollow glass is a kind of good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful and applicable, and can reduce the weight of new building materials building, it is to use two pieces of glass (or three), the use of high strength and high air tightness composite binder, the glass and containing desiccant bonding of aluminum alloy frame, insulation made of highly efficient heat insulation glass, the glass is not the same as the internal and external temperature difference.

5. What is safety glass?
Safety glass is a kind of glass that is violently shaken or impingement, even if it is broken.Doors and Windows for cars, planes and special buildings.The use of safety glass for buildings, which can withstand bullets or debris from a 100-kilometer per hour hurricane, is of particular importance to the modern architecture of glass structures.

6. What is hollow louver glass?
Hollow shutter Windows it is one of the traditional shade products, this product saves the use of space, and achieve shade, also have the function of heat preservation and the noise, at the same time to the buildings and indoor to new vision.

7. What is a LOWE’s glass?
Low-e glass, also known as low-radiation glass, is a membrane product made of layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass.Has high to visible light through the coating layer and the high cosco infrared reflection characteristics, make its compared with ordinary glass and traditional building coating glass, excellent heat insulation effect and good pervious to light quality.

8. What is the heat transfer coefficient?
The heat transfer coefficient is the speed at which the internal temperature is transmitted outward through time during the detection, and the heat transfer value is obtained through time and temperature.Generally speaking, ordinary aluminum alloy doors and Windows heat transfer coefficient is about 3.5-5.0;The heat transfer coefficient of the doors and Windows of the bridge is about 2.5-3.0.The heat transfer coefficient of the aluminum alloy doors and Windows of the system is about 2.0-2.5.

9. What are the common doors and Windows in China?
Sliding door window: it is the door and window that has one of two to push pull pull.
Open doors and Windows: it is open inside.
Upper hanging window: the inner fan is opened up.
Fixed doors and Windows: doors and Windows that cannot be opened.

Glass partition

Project name: Mamadou office building
Location: Coate d’Ivoire (West Africa)
Product: Glass partition
Project: Sep. 2015
Product Introduce: Glass & aluminum partition can make the whole office area bigger & more effient usage; Glass makes sure the office brightness & blind can keep the personal privacy at the same time. Light weight but elegent effect.

Glass partition


Glass partition