How can the office ceiling be less it?

How can the office ceiling be less it?

Aluminum clip in ceiling

Aluminum clip in ceiling from Prance is based on aluminum alloy sheet then shaping through the open material, shear angle, molded and surface is spray treated to ensure that 10 years do not change color.

Our aluminum clip in ceiling surface are flat, ridge are clear and reflect the neat, generous, vision of the appearance of the effect as a ceiling system.

Advantages of this product are retardant, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof,also easy assembly and disassembly, each board can be independently disassembly, convenient in construction and maintenance.

We can covered a sound-absorbing paper or black flame-retardant cotton at the back of the perforated board to achieve a certain sound-absorbing standards.

Prance focus on the field of building materials 20 years, 40,000 square meters of modern production factory to satisfy the needs of the project building materials.

What is the material of the aluminum open ceiling ?

What is the material of the aluminum open ceiling ?

aluminum open ceiling

Open ceiling is a kind of hollow combination ceiling,which install at the back of the board so that it is not affect the visual effect of the grille.

It applied to some large shopping malls, airports, subway stations and other public environment.

The ceiling structure is divided into main grid and secondary grid,all of them are in open hollow type and special metal with “u” and “v” shape.

Main grid and secondary grid will fix in vertical and horizontal cross and the combination of units into an open decorative ceiling.

Length of this product are 1800mm/1950mm/2000mm and so on and material include H1100、H3003 and H5005.

Open ceiling have characteristic of good ventilation effect and fire-proof,easy to install,delicate structure,dressed and durable.

It is worth mentioning that open ceiling can be decorated with grille lights, downlights and other decorative, be combined with the molding board as well to achieve the characteristics of the space effect.

Aluminum open ceiling is a excellent material in the common material of open ceiling.

It is divided into special-shaped open ceiling and normal open ceiling series.

Special-shaped open ceiling have characteristic of obvious effect, strong fashion sense, light material, simple appearance.

Aluminum open ceiling can make in separable combination so the installation does not require accessory.

How to select galvanized steel?

How to select galvanized steel






galvanized steel have been widespread using in nowadays as home, office, hotel interior decoration and so on

galvanized steel keel is new green environmental building material plays a support and modeling role in whole decoration system and combine with paper gypsum board using wall partition and ceiling

feature introduce

galvanized steel keel is made of galvanized steel cold stamping, it’s upgrade of wood keel

Main advantage: fireproof, damp-proof, strong strength, high construction efficient, safety with better performance anti-impact and anti-earthquake,enhance anti-heat and sound insulation effect

Disadvantage: the price will be expensive than wood keel, and it will be taken up much space when decorating, in addition, galvanized steel keel only can be installed straight line but not any special shape

The main point when buying

1.Select cross-section shape

2.You need to select shape accroding to own use when choose galvanized steel keel, accroding to cross-section it classified U-shape, C-shape, T-shape and L-shape, U-shape and C-shape belong to bearing type, they can be used in partition, U-shape as main support keel, C-shape as tack keel connector, T-shape and L-shape are used in ceiling system, T-shape keel as main keel and track keel, L shape as angle keel

3.thickness selection

galvanized steel keel can’t be selected thickness less than 0.6mm, you can check product introduce about length, thickness and other information when buying, And judge thickness accroding to eyes and hand feel

4.Checking galvanized steel process

Keel should be galvanized steel both side to prevent rust, when choosing should be selected galvanized layer without shedding, no pitting. the qualified product is guaranteed on moisture resistance

5.Observing “snowflake” on galvanized steel keel

Better quality galvanized steel keel surface is snowflake shape after galvanizing, pay attention to whether there is snowflake shape on galvanized surface when buying, and snowflake pattern is clear, feel strong hardness , small gap ,so they are good quality

Factory and office decoration

Factory and office decoration
Ceiling and wood grain square tube with the size 500×900×0.7 and 600×600 Clip in ceiling and 600×600 lay on ceiling.






Factory decoration

Project Example: Guangzhou factory decoration
The 3D drawing after installation of lay in ceiling. Aluminum lay in ceiling with peroforation and acoustic sheet and PVDF for surface treatment that contribute the factory with acoustic affect and also aesthetic outlook.

lay in ceiling


lay in ceiling


lay in ceiling

Why we choose Aluminum Honeycomb Panel?

Aluminum Honeycomb Panel, mostly applies on the comercial builidng, and other buildings decoration, and also is a material of erospace using on the commercial building.

武昌火车站 115




IMG_2138 (1)

Alumminum Honeycomb Panel mostly uses with excellent quality Aluminum Alloy Panel or High manganese alloy aluminum panel for the base. The thickness for the surface is 0.7 to 1.2mm with PVDF or Color-resistant painting. The color-resistant painting can resist scratching, resist acid rain corrosion causing color changed, and its self-cleaning aspects is greater than PVDF. The base board thickness is 0.5 to 1.0mm and the total thickness for an Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is 8 to 50mm. The core material uses hexagonal aluminum honeycomb core, and its Aluminum foil thickness is 0.04 to 0.06mm, and the side height is 5 to 6mm, using roll forming technology to finish the front and back surface. Automatic machinery and equipment deal with the side and front and back while installation.






The whole processing is completed by modern factory, using the heat technology made into shape. Because of the High heat conduction value combined between Aluminum and Honeycomb, synchronizing the thermal expansion and contraction of both inside and outside of the Aluminum. This cause the aluminum surface having a hole underneath the honeycomb panel so that the air can flow through. The structure will not be deformed after the thermal expansion and contraction because of the system of the slipable installation. Therefore, the panel can maintain extremely flat by using adhesive glue: Two-component polyurethane high-temperature curing adhesive by using automatic honeycomb panel combined producing machines through the high heat combination. This has overcomed the traditional problem which is adhesive layer’s brittleness of honeycomb panel. The inside of the honeycomb panel is Special hexagonal aluminum honeycomb and its hardness reach H19 made by aluminum alloy, and adhere to the core bord between structures in order to bear the force from above. These concentrated honeycomb connected with each other so it can disperse the force from the panel directing to. When the force is balanced , the panel is still able to maintain its extreme flatness while using in large areas.

Architectural Tour — Cameroon

Architectural Tour— Cameroon


Cameroon, honestly, I wouldn’t know this countru even existed if I don’t search on internet. However, I was lucky to get a chance to be able to stay in Cameroon for a week. I feel pleasure because I had contributed my ability to the construction area for this country. Therefore, because of that, I feel little proud and need to thank my company giving me this chance—Prance, a company with strong business development and expansion.



The building materials products for the systems and the whole solution developed by Prance have given me power and courage to take a move to Cameroon. This project is a hotel project. More accurately, this is an innovation hotel project. The building and its structiures have over twenty years history. The customers want to keep the original stucture but renew the decoration from inside to outside, from whole to details. As all we know,renewing a project becomes harder when we don’t have the CAD Drawing and any data. Therefore, the only way to get the measurement is to be there personally. Measure the actual building size and draw out the picture so that it makes the worker easier to work on.



The project finishes perfect and smooth because having good cooperation between deparments. Customers have wonderful cooperation with us and we love to provide the best service to our customers. Prance one stop solution upgrades better and better, eventually heads to the top.

From the step to thousands miles, we believe that Prance attitude on service will make the prancer steps on all over the world.

How much do you know about Office Glass Partitions?

The main function of office glass partition is to separate from space to space, and also I guess there are still lots of custumers do not clearly undetstand its details and its prices.
Types of Office Glass Partitions
1. Regular Glass partitions: The glass shows its transparent and its simple style.
2.Sandblasting Glass partitions: with beautiful pictures, the partitions will have beautiful appearance and also different aesthetic.
3. Cracked glass partition: After bumping the temper glass, the glass will be cracked naturally and then it becomes glass partitions. Since it’s bumping so that the crackings in the partitions are diferent than one andother and have special visual effect.
4. Artistic Colorful Glass partitions: Artistic Colorful Glass has luxury appearance and also shows the ability of sun-through. In the simple and elegant space, the color art glass is the expression of fine and meticulous important material.

Style of Office Glass Parition.
1, single glass partition: transparent and bright, very light, simple structure, make full use of light extension space, exquisite node processing to make space full of vitality, spacious and bright.
2, double glass partition: fashion, elegance, simplicity, exquisite, construction noise and other characteristics, does not affect people around the work life. Can be part of the disassembly, repeated use.
Double Glass partitions with Louver: Beautiful appearance, the image of the prominent, panel arbitrary combination, filling creativity; blinds installed in the middle of double glass, nice, open and privacy perfect combination, no cleaning;
Office glass partition Notes:
1, Style: Great range, the design should pay attention to height, length and actuality and other changes in unity.
2, the color of the match: As the partition is part of the whole room, the color should be consistent with the basic part of the room.
3, the choice of materials and processing, according to the first two principles, can be carefully selected and processing materials, in order to achieve a good image, shape and wonderful color with.

Some tips for ceiling installation

Some tips for ceiling installation:

1,safety: ceiling decoration, normally we used suspended ceiling and making the right choice on materials is the first important thing to consider when ceiling decoration is needed, but also in strict accordance with the construction specifications, the installation must be correct, firm. Ceiling decorative materials should be non-combustible or flame retardant material, wood material is flammable, so do fire treatment. Ceiling which are generally done lighting, air conditioning and other electrical pipelines, should be strictly in accordance with the norms of operations, in order to avoid fire hazards.
2,the process: ceiling installatoin for home decoration, most of the decorative ceiling generally do not set the maintenance hole because it will impact the aesthetic outlook, if the ceiling of the pipeline equipment failure can not check what parts, what reasons, more can not be repaired. Therefore, for the laying of the pipeline ceiling or set the maintenance hole as well, can be selected in the relatively easy to check the site, and the repair hole for artistic treatment, such as lighting fixtures combined set.
3,Washability: clean and sanitary for ceiling decoration must be considered, especially in the kitchen, despite the installation of the range hood and exhaust fan, but still can not drain all the steam, easy to absorb moisture on the decorative panels or paint will be deformed And peeling. Therefore, the use of non-moisture absorption of the ceiling material, the general should use metal or plastic gusset, such as the use of other materials should be used to protect the ceiling, such as brush paint.
4,Aesthetic Apperance: colorful color glass, grinding glass ceiling is very unique in the home decoration applications are more and more, but if the material is not appropriate, it is prone to security incidents. For the safety of use, the ceiling and other parts that are susceptible to impact should be made of an enamel (specified tempered glass and laminated glass).
Prance, manufacturer with more than twenty years experiences, focus on aluminum ceiling products and also has become the “Top Ten Brand”in China Ceiling Market.

What are the advantages of Aluminum ceiling?

Aluminum Ceiling is based on Aluminum Alloy profile and through the process of dealing with the material and cutting the edges and then molding. Aluminum Ceiling is composited with two types, home decoration aluminum ceiling and architectural decoration aluminum ceiling.

Home decoration Aluminum Ceiling is based on two series only, which are rolling and scrub. Along with the fast paced development, no…wadays, they are plenty types in Home Decoration Aluminum Ceiling. Various types of processing have been added to decoration such as Thermal transfer, ink printing, mirror surface, 3D printing become most popular styles for home decoration Aluminum Ceiling. Using different styles printing on the ceiling and the durability of products has earned appreciation from the market.
Architectural Aluminum Ceiling is normally processed with rolling coating, filming coating, scrubbing coating these types of surface treatment. The style of the surfaces is neat and the color is mainly used the white color. In addition, the white color is used the most in architectural aluminum ceiling. Coating is the key for purchaser when they purchase Aluminum Ceiling. The quality and warranty of the color of coating is the main consideration and the durability is the key to the buyer.

The advantages of Aluminum Ceiling
1.The high quality of coating of ceiling. The high-quality Aluminum Ceiling normally uses quality coating materials which imported automatic fast paced coating line that makes the ceiling flat, no color difference, stable, can resist acid, alkaline from eroding. Color stays as it finishes at first place and the surface treatment PVDF is the best option for outdoor using because its durability can stay more than twenty years and also its convenience to clean by water.
2. Extremely strong compound fastness. The high polymer plastic of The high quality aluminum ceiling and polymer materials squeezed together by heat pressure, and it does not cause any damage on the surface of plate even with examination of putting them into boiling water for two hours.
3. Fit in temperature. The abilities of Aluminum Ceiling would not be influenced with the change in temperature.
4. Light weight, strong strength. The weight of average plate is around 8.8 kilogram. Under the same type of situation, the weight of aluminum ceiling is less than of other ceilings.

  1. Sound insulation, heat insulation, shake insulation. Aluminum Plastic Ceiling has the functions of both metal and plastic, and its shake insulation is six time greater than pure aluminum ceiling. Also, the amount of sound insulation through air is greater than ceilings made by other materials. Heat conduction index is low which becomes an ideal type of architectural material for sound insulation, heat insulation and shake insulation.
  2. Safe, non-poisonous and fireproof. The core layer of Aluminum Ceiling is non-poisonous polyethylene and its surface is non-combustible Aluminum Ceiling which achieves refractory requirement of the construction law.
  3. Plentiful color options. Aluminum Ceiling can be done with any color and also different colors combined together can achieve lots of styles.
  4. High quality processing functions. Aluminum Ceiling is able to use normal wood and metal processing tools to cut, saw, mill, press, fracture, bent and also processing into shape in order to achieve the requirements of designers.
  5. The face of Aluminum Ceiling is flat and smooth and its ceiling system shows neat, generous, rich, wide effect. Aluminum Ceiling has the abilities of fire resisted, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and also its disassemble convenience . In addition, every plate is installed on its own so that it’s convenient to construct and maintain. If needed to exchange or clean the ceiling plate,  using magnetic chuck or specialized disassemble machine to take off the plates. In addition, we can put a sound absorption sheet in the back of the perforated ceiling so it can achieve the ability of sound absorption.

There are still lots of customers have misunderstanding on the aluminum ceiling market. The thicker the plate has, the better quality it has. The thicker the keel has, the higher solidity it has. Therefore, plenty of factories in order to achieve these types of people’s requirements, they put extra coating materials or using some other materials such as iron,Lead and zinc onto the surface treatment. What’s more is that they use recovery or give-up aluminum materials to produce aluminum ceiling.

Aluminum Ceiling thickness: 0.5mm-1.2mm

Regular specification: 300x300mm300x600mm、400x400mm、500x500mm、600x600mm、600x1200mm、300x1200mm. We can customize and design the products that fit the need you customers have.

Application for Prance Aluminum Ceiling: Senior Office Building, Office, Corridor, Airport, Station, Subway, Factory, Hospital, Bank, Shopping Mall, Stadium, Building Lobby, Exhibition and so on.

Surface Treatment for Aluminum Ceiling: Electrostatic spraying, Rolling Coating, Roasted Coating, Printing Coating, filming coating, The Electrostatic spraying and Roasted Coasting cannot last as long as other coating, and also have the problem of color fading. Rolling coating is pretty competitive because its color can maintain eight years with no color change. Filming printing mainly has two types, the normal type and the import type. The normal filming printing’s longevity is shorter than the rolling coating’s but its imported filming printing can reach thirty years with no color change.

Prance Installation Process

  1. Mark the height of the ceiling with a horizontal line according to the design, and fix the L angle on the wall at the same level.
  2. Install the hangers according to the parts between.
  3. The distance between the grids normally is 1-1.2 meters.
  4. Put the ceiling parallel in order onto the its grids.
  5. Adjust the distance and the height between panels and make sure all at the same level.

Prance has twenty one year history long and we have done all types of product made by aluminum with full of experience in this market. The goal for us is to achieve what the customers want and also you need is our goal.Same fashion, different appearance, you need is our goal.