Acceptance glass partition tips.

The glass partition is widely used in various fields. It not only light, sound insulation effect, but also environmentally friendly, easy to install, then install the glass partition how to check it? Here are some tips to share.

1. Look at the appearance. Because the glass partition is transparent and free of impurities, it can be directly viewed from the outside to see if its installation quality is good or bad.

2. Look at the area. It is understood that the installation of glass partitions, if the single glass area is too large, then there is a great safety risk, generally considered unqualified. Glass must be tempered. Tempered glass has the advantages of resistance to wind pressure, cold and heat, impact, etc. Therefore, it is safer, firmer, and more durable. Moreover, the damage to human body caused by glass shattering is much smaller than that of ordinary glass.

3. Look at the thickness. According to its use and choose the appropriate thickness in the acceptance glass partition, we must pay attention to the thickness of the glass, single-layer glass partition, the thickness of the horizontal direction is preferably not less than 8 mm; double glass partition, generally used double 5 mm thick tempered glass, double 6 mm tempered glass is also available.

Look at the frame. This is also very important when checking glass partitions. See if the frame matches the shape of the glass partition. The general frame is one to two millimeters larger than the size of the glass partition so that the glass can be easily routed into the frame.

There are three types of materials: single-layer, double-layer and art glass. Everything is done according to customer’s needs. PRANCE provides high-quality glass partitions, good lighting, good sound insulation, good fire protection, environmental protection, easy installation and reusable glass.

How to choose aluminum veneer curtain wall?

The aluminum veneer curtain wall has unique texture, rich color, long-lasting durability, and the appearance shape can be diversified. It can be perfectly combined with the glass curtain wall material and the stone curtain wall material, and is favored by users. How can one choose the right aluminum curtain wall products?

1, Material
When selecting the aluminum veneer curtain wall, first determine the material. The material of general aluminum veneer curtain wall is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy sheet. Its structure is mainly composed of panels, ribs and corners.

2,Production process
According to the different forms of material surface treatment, it can be divided into several types, such as spray plate, roll plate and film plate. Among them, there are shortcomings such as short service life, easy color difference, etc.; the surface of the roller plate is uniform and smooth; there is no leakage coating, shrinkage hole, scratch, and drop; the surface of the coating plate is a layer of PVC film, and the surface is firmly bonded. no wrinkles, scratches, loss, missing stickers and other advantages.

3, Thickness
The thickness of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is not necessarily the thicker the better. If the hardness is not enough, the aluminum plate will be deformed; in the general exterior wall curtain wall decoration, the thickness of the aluminum veneer curtain wall is usually 2.5 mm or more, and the indoor use is usually 2.0 mm or the following.

Aluminium veneer curtain wall can be processed and customized in other colors and shapes. It is widely used in exterior walls of buildings, such as curtain walls of modern buildings such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, railway stations, stadiums, and indoor and outdoor decoration.

Customers can choose according to the needs of the project, PRANCE provides customers with high-quality aluminum curtain wall panels to meet customer’s customized needs.

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Why does the office partition choose a glass partition?

The glass partition is a partition that can be completely divided into spaces.

As a space design element in a modern office, it not only achieves a space separation function, but also achieves lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, and environmental protection. Glass partitions are easier to install than traditional partitions, can be reused, can be mass produced and so on.

Reasonable and effective use of space to maximize the efficiency of office space, suit measures to local conditions, and tailor the clothing, the design of the entire plane is very strong. It not only saves office space, but also makes the office environment simple, modern, and full of personality. It can be used in public spaces, reception, negotiation, leisure areas, managers’ supervisory space, conference room space, training space, and staff space.

The themes and forms of glass partitions are all different, close to reality, and breaking through the past, such as single-layer, double-layer and art glass, etc. PRANCE Professional recommends the most suitable glass partition for customers.

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Three reasons why office ceilings choose aluminum ceiling

A comfortable and stylish indoor environment requires the coordination and combination of the modeling, color, and material self-inductance of the interior objects to form a harmonious whole.

The features of modern office are all in the pursuit of simple style. Aluminum clasp is a relatively common ceiling material and is used more frequently. It has characteristics of fire prevention, moisture proof, antisepsis, antistatic, sound absorption, sound insulation, beauty, durability, etc. The division of the square, its appearance is divided into planes and punching and other forms.

  • Reason one: Choose lightweight, high-strength products to reduce the weight of ceiling materials that the building will bear.

The materials used in the PRANCE office ceiling project are high-quality aluminum products. When combined with light steel keel, the ceiling is suspended and the pressure on the wall surface is reduced. The lightweight properties not only help reduce the difficulty of ceiling installation, but also save material transportation costs.

  • Reason two: Choose green ceiling materials, safe and reliable

Indoor ceiling decoration in addition to the requirements of stylish appearance, more is the need for ceiling materials, green and durable, will not appear because of the air deformation and yellowing phenomenon, but also because the weather is too dry and hot and flammable. Compared with gypsum board, aluminum buckle ceiling products are not brittle, resistant to deformation and have a longer service life.

  • Reason 3: Choose ceiling products that are easy to install and maintain

In the aluminum buckle plate ceiling system, each plate can be disassembled and assembled independently, combined with the light steel keel, and the installation steps are relatively simple. In addition to being easy to install, it also requires easy maintenance and can be reconfigured with different styles of buckles according to the changing style of decoration in the future.

The office is an important space for daily work. The decoration of the ceiling can not be ignored. It should not only reflect the company’s corporate culture intuitively, but also be suitable for a modern and comfortable office environment. PRANCE specializes in ceilings for all customers to consider, to meet the needs of a variety of different venues!

Environmental protection fire protection products – imitation wood grain aluminum plate

With the continuous development of production technology, many new types of exquisite decoration materials appear in the eyes of consumers. Imitation wood grain aluminum plates with good decorative effects are such a good product for consumers to admire.

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate – Features

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate adopts high-quality high-strength alloy aluminum plate and is coated with international advanced new pattern decoration materials. The pattern is high-grade and gorgeous, with realistic color and texture, and the pattern is firm and wear-resistant. It does not contain formaldehyde, non-toxic, no harmful gas release, and is a high-grade building. Decorative material.

Wood grain color highlights the concept of green life, reflects a high-end luxury architectural style, ease the stress of urban people in their spare time, leaving people feeling of being in nature.

Imitation wood color actually does not mean a color, but refers to a category of colors. It is mainly based on the customer’s actual needs of different customization, supplemented by other collocations, such as the use of different colors of light or perforation processing, etc., will create a different style of decoration, or enhance the sound-absorbing effect.

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate – structure

Imitation wood grain aluminum plate is made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy sheet and is shaped by CNC bending and other techniques. The ribs are connected with the welding screws behind the board surface, and then the uniform background coating is applied. The oven is dried, coated with imported high-quality wood grain paper, baked and baked, and the products are taken out of the oven to get paper.

Bright color, vivid lines, not only can replace wood decorative materials, more fire-resistant features, durable and will not be worms. Quality assurance, durability, simple installation and maintenance, saving construction costs.

Imitation wood grain aluminium plate – uses

  1. Building Exterior, Outdoor Canopy
  2. Interior curtain wall, ceiling decoration
  3. Coffee shop, senior business club
  4. Plaza, stadiums, museums, libraries
  5. Conference hall, opera house, etc.

Imitation wood grain aluminum plates are used in public places and building facades to beautify our city and life. But precisely because of the characteristics of the use of places, making the quality of imitation wood grain aluminum plate in the construction process has strict requirements, choose PRANCE building materials aluminum panel, the quality of the product on the first place, to ensure the beauty and safety of the building .

What are the advantages of perforated aluminum ceiling

The aluminum sheet is represented by a variety of sheet metal patterns, and it is beyond doubt that the visual expression is outstanding. Among them, the most sound-absorbing and noise-reducing products in aluminum buckle products are punched aluminum buckles.

Advantages of perforated aluminum ceiling:

The perforated aluminum ceiling gusset plate has good flame retardant and sound insulation effects. The sound-absorbing cotton is better adhered to the back of the plate, and the aluminum alloy gusset plate has better texture and decorative feeling than the traditional ceiling material.

  1. High sheet strength, light weight per unit area
  2. Uniform color, smooth and scratch resistant
  3. Absorbing and sound-absorbing effect is better, it can prevent moisture, prevent mildew, fire prevention
  4. Colorful colors, elegant decorative effect atmosphere
  5. Easy to install, simple construction, each board can be disassembled and replaced
  6. can be customized in terms of size, surface treatment and color
  7. Durable, absolutely energy-saving and environmentally friendly

PRANCE perforated aluminum pinch products adopt advanced CNC machine tool perforation technology to drill holes of various sizes on the surface of the aluminum plate, punching patterns and satisfying customers’ personalized decoration requirements.

The reflection of the perforated aluminum ceiling sound is small. When sound waves are incident on the surface of the porous material, they cause air vibrations in the micropores. Due to the frictional resistance, the viscous resistance of the air, and the heat conduction, a considerable part of the sound energy is converted into heat energy, thereby playing a role in sound absorption.

The product sheet metal processing technology excellence, to promote the indoor space style changeable and full of visual beauty, the most important is the sound absorption and noise reduction, suitable for office ceiling, opera hall, large conference room, casino and many other Kinds of places.

PRANCE “S” Type Windproof Strip Ceiling

< Product description >

PRANCE “S” type strip aluminum is an outdoor ceiling aluminum ceiling designed for China Petroleum, Sinopec gas stations, toll stations, customs and other outdoor ceilings. It is also called “gas station ceiling aluminum buckle.” The board “,” toll station ceiling aluminum strip buckle board” is widely used in gas stations, toll stations, checkpoints, and in the Northwest, Xinjiang, Hainan, Shanganning, Gansu and Ningxia and other windy areas of indoor and outdoor ceiling decoration. S aluminum strip buckle board adopts high-side design and special “fishbone” type keel, which can firmly clamp the main buckle board in up, down, left and right directions. It can effectively resist the wind below level 10 (thickness special installation processing buckle board can resist 12 Above the wind.

The company has introduced various types of gas stations, such as 300 wide windproof aluminum buckles, gas station high-side buckles, gas station high-side windproof buckles, gas station high-side aluminum buckles, and other products. Products are widely used in various oil stations across the country. Canopy building decoration ceiling project, throughout most of the country’s provinces and autonomous regions. The special strips for the production of gas stations in the production of B&S aluminum buckles are also applicable to various buildings: hotels, shops, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, corridors, conference rooms, etc.

< Product advantages >

  1. The overall appearance of the high-rising wind-stripe aluminum buckle is smooth. The board is made of special aluminum. The height of the board is 30mm. The entire board looks thick and flat, with two specifications of high-depth right-angle and high-depth bevel.
  2. The structure of the high-rising weather strip type aluminum buckle plate is tight, and the installation structure is a windproof type special keel buckle type structure, which has strong spelling and strong water resistance;
  3. The high-rising wind strip type aluminum buckle plate installation system uses high-strength keel, strong wind resistance, and a fixed modulus of the card teeth on the deep keel. The windproof card is designed with a windproof card code for each card tooth, suitable for outdoor decoration. High security.

 < Product parameters >

Common width: 300mm

Common thickness: 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm

Surface coating: general powder electrostatic spraying or polyester paint spraying, roller coating, can also be used brushed surface treatment

Color: Regular white, any other color can be modulated

Installation: General gussets are equipped with special keel, keel is galvanized steel sheet and paint steel plate, the standard length is 3000mm

Gas station windproof aluminum strip buckle finished product protection:

  1. When installing the light steel skeleton and cover panel, care should be taken to protect various pipelines in the ceiling. The booms and keels of light steel skeletons must not be fixed on ventilation ducts and other equipment parts.
  2. Light steel skeletons, cover panels and other ceiling materials should be strictly managed during transportation, approach, storage, and use, so as not to be deformed, exposed to moisture, or rusted.
  3. The doors, windows and windows that have already been installed in the project, the floors that have already been completed, the walls, the windowsills, etc., should be protected and prevented from being defaced during the construction of the ceiling.
  4. The skeleton of light steel shall not be stomped on; the hanging pieces of other types of work shall not be hung on the skeleton of light steel.
  5. In order to protect the finished product, the cover panel must be installed in the pipe in the ceiling to test the water, test pressure, all the insulation process after the acceptance of all qualified.