Precautions for selecting indoor glass partitions

The partitions allow for a clearer boundary between the interior spaces. There are many types and materials for partitions. In reality, glass partitions are used. When choosing a glass partition, the thickness of the glass is important. The following describes the thickness of the glass partition and the precautions for selecting the glass partition. The article is for reference only and the actual situation is determined by the project.

First, glass partition thickness reference introduction

  1. The glass partition with a thickness of 3-4mm is mainly used for the surface of the frame.
  2. Glass partition with thickness of 5-6mm, mainly used for small-area light-transparent shapes such as exterior wall windows and door fans.
  3. The glass partition with a thickness of 7-9mm is mainly used for objects with large area such as indoor screen and frame protection.
  4. The thickness of 9-10mm glass partition, can be used for indoor large-area partitions, high partitions, railings and other renovation projects.
  5. The glass partition wall uses tempered glass, mainly for safety reasons, the thickness of the glass is also different, the single-layer glass uses 8-12mm tempered glass. Double glazed walls are available in 5mm and 6mm. Double glazed partitions can be combined with panel partitions.

Second, the glass partition thickness reference introduction

  1. Color tone selection: The color of the glass should be consistent with the overall style of the renovation project. Most of the glass partitions are glass with strong decorative effect, and the glass partition with color can create various artistic effects.
  2. Glass partition area: The area of a single piece of glass should not be too large. When the area of a single piece of glass is too large, there is a relatively large safety hazard. Therefore, the glass should be split into small pieces as much as possible without affecting the overall effect, or the proportion of the protective frame should be appropriately increased to improve the safety of the glass partition.

PRANCE produces a variety of styles of glass partitions, glass partitions can be customized according to engineering needs, we will provide accurate decoration suggestions for the project.



Aluminum Lay In Ceiling Decoration For Office

Aluminum ceiling is a special metal building material.It is light and durable. It is widely used in office ceilings. It has many excellent features, which can achieve good decorative effect and various functions. Therefore, many office decoration options are selected aluminum lay in ceiling.

In the office decoration, the ceiling of the ceiling affects the effect of the entire decoration. The choice of aluminum ceiling installation can choose the style of the combination according to the atmosphere of the venue.

PRANCE offers Stylish and simple lay in ceiling in many office projects. They combine functions and aesthetics, and can be customized.

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Seven steps to make wood grain aluminum U- square tube ceiling

The aluminum U- square tube ceiling is an open aluminum ceiling. The maximum benefit of the open ceiling is to facilitate the convection and exchange of indoor and outdoor air. The commonly used colors of the U- square tube ceiling are: black,white,brown,wood grain,etc, according to the needs of the venue to choose the color to decorate. The texture of the wood grain is realistic and beautiful, and the space for installing the wood grain aluminum square ceiling allows people to feel in the nature and relax.

Seven steps to make a wood grain U- square tube ceiling:

  1. Order raw materials: mainly use high quality aluminum materials.
  2. Molding: mainly rolling or manual bending.
  3. Spray color: This process, check whether the product is damaged → repair → wash off the oil and surface impurities → dry → spray electrostatic powder → through the high temperature furnace → get the wood grain background.
  4. Stickers: Accurate stickers, can not leave bubbles, to ensure that the grain paper has no impurities, the surface is flat.
  5. Over-temperature furnace: The temperature of the aluminum ceiling is too high, the color will become darker, the temperature will be low, and the color will be shallow. Therefore, the temperature of the high-temperature furnace is strictly controlled to produce high-quality products that meet customer needs.
  6. The product tears the paper.
  7. Product packaging.

Applications: Large shopping malls, hotels, commercial buildings, bars, restaurants and many other occasions.

PRANCE focuses on the development and production of aluminum ceiling products, we can customize a variety of aluminum ceilings and other aluminum ceilings according to customers’ needs, providing pre-sales on-site measurement, design and production, providing overall solutions and after-sales logistics. And one-stop service such as installation technical support.



Aluminum veneer curtain wall installation steps and installation precautions.

At present, the construction market offers a wide variety of building materials, and the quality of the products varies. Accurate measurement and calculation of data is the basis for ensuring the quality of the curtain wall. Strict review methods must be used before construction to ensure the accuracy of the data.

Before installing the aluminum veneer curtain wall, first confirm the variety, quality, color, pattern and line of the incoming aluminum veneer.

Aluminum veneer curtain wall installation process sequence:

Attachment of the fixed line skeleton → Fixed skeleton → Installation of aluminum plate → Closing structure treatment → Inspection


  1. Choose the appropriate aluminum single block fixing method.The method of fixing the aluminum veneer plays an important role in the flatness of the aluminum veneer. Inconsistent forces at each fixed point of the aluminum facing block will cause deformation of the surface material to affect the exterior decoration. Therefore, the fixing method of the aluminum veneer must adopt a fixing method of distance compaction to ensure the flatness of the appearance of the curtain wall.
  1. Choose a suitable waterproof sealing method. Structure waterproof, external waterproof, plastic seal, different sealing methods are not the same price, choose the appropriate sealing method for the project, protect the function and appearance of the aluminum veneer curtain wall.
  2. Strengthen the pressure resistance of aluminum curtain wall system

It is necessary to carry out scientific and mechanical calculations for each major part of the aluminum veneer curtain wall system, taking into account the effects of wind pressure, weight, earthquake and temperature on the aluminum veneer curtain wall system. The impact on the aluminum alloy veneer curtain wall system, such as embedded parts, connection systems, keel systems, and fasteners, is carefully checked to ensure the safety of the aluminum veneer curtain wall.

PRANCE focuses on the field of building materials for 22 years, producing high-quality aluminum veneers, which can be customized according to the demand of various types of aluminum veneers to meet the metal curtain wall decoration of various projects.

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Economical office environment solution – Glass partition

PRANCE Glass partition wall is an economical solution for your working environment.Available in a variety of material sizes, you can choose from double glazed partition with louvers, single glass partition, other materials and more.

The glass partition not only realizes the traditional space separation function, but also features such as lighting, soundproofing, fireproofing, environmental protection, easy installation, reusability, and mass production.

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How to choose a good quality aluminum door?

The aluminum alloy profile has the characteristics of high strength, strong corrosion resistance and low deformation.

  • Check thickness:
    In the case of normal use, the aluminum door is deformed, probably because the thickness of the aluminum alloy used is too thin. The thickness of the profile directly determines the pros and cons of the aluminum alloy door.
  • Check the tightness:
    Check the sealing of the aluminum door glass compartment. In addition to checking whether the glass coating on the front side is tight, check whether the sealing strip on the back glass is flat and requires no curling or grooving.

Features of the PRANCE aluminum door:
1. The Material Is Lighter
2. Good Sealing
3. Beautiful Color
4. Easy To Install
5. Long-term Use

PRANCE offers a wide range of aluminum doors, such as sliding doors,  casement doorsfolding doors, etc. The products can meet the installation requirements of various terrains and provide customers with multi-faceted decoration suggestions.

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Choose the advantages of aluminum open cell ceiling

The aluminum open cell ceiling has the advantages of convenient installation and low price. Its characteristics include: distinct layers, strong three-dimensional sense, novel shape, fireproof and temperature resistant, good ventilation, and cold air ports, exhaust ports, lamps and the like can be installed in the ceiling.

It can be widely used in large shopping malls, bars, waiting rooms, airports, subways and other stations, generous and beautiful, as long as new.

PRANCE metal aluminum open cell ceiling combines the characteristics of all open cell ceiling, has anti-oxidation, anti-aging characteristics, and combines the characteristics of aluminum open cell ceiling with distinct layers, novel shape, fire resistance and temperature resistance.

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Aluminum ceiling-Lay In Ceiling

PRANCE Lay In Ceilings itself has a very three-dimensional sense of line. Each panel can be dismantled separately. The Lay In Ceilings are also divided into two kinds: Beveled angle and L angle.

Beveled angle Lay In Ceilings will have a strong sense of streak. In the visual effect, each board has an independent small frame, showing European and American styles; the L angle Lay In Ceilings has no sense of layering, between the Ceiling panel,the lines are clear and the effect of the installation is clear and straight between the boards and the boards.


1.Good touch, smooth and wear-resistant board

2.Anti-moisture smoke, easy to clean

3.Health, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, durable

4.cost-effective price moderate, a variety of styles to provide a choice

Installation: The installation of Aluminum Lay In Ceilings is able to see the keel.

Application: airports, gas stations, conference rooms, libraries, stadiums, stations, supermarkets, shopping malls, offices and other types of places are applicable.

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Reasons for choosing aluminum doors and windows for building decoration

PRANCE aluminum doors and windows can not only achieve the appearance of fine, but also have a good insulation, thermal insulation and other properties.

  1. Has a good rigidity and strength, not easy to damage, use a longer life.
  2. The lighting area is large, the decorative effect is good, the surface can be painted with a variety of colors.
  3. The variety of open forms can be applied to various construction sites.

Applicable places: hotels, office buildings, apartments, hospitals, etc.

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Good news, warm congratulations on PRANCE!

2018 year — PRANCE Aluminum ceiling panel, Ceiling grids,  and other products were issued certification of “Chinese Green Environmental Protection Products”.