Simple ceiling material – aluminum open cell ceiling

The aluminum open cell ceiling is a new type of ceiling decoration material in recent years. It is sought after by the major customers in the ceiling material industry with its simple and modern decoration style.


In the mall, we can see some restaurants and drinking bar shops everywhere, all decorated with aluminum open cell ceiling, neat lines, uniform grid, plus some small hanging pieces, or some potted plants, no need Spend too much energy on renovations and make your store unique.


In modern modern offices that pursue a sense of 3D, aluminum open cell ceiling applications are even more widespread. In the eyes of the designer, the aluminum open cell ceiling exists to break the traditional decoration style. In the design, its criss-crossing lines break the original fixed indoor space by refraction, distortion, etc., enhancing its overall three-dimensional sense and line.

Let the original fixed space be infinitely possible.


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How to solve the messy situation of the office ceiling?

In the office very day, the ceiling layout is very messy, especially in the lighting module and the sprinklers are even more messy. So how should we combine with the aluminum plate to solve this problem?

To solve this situation, you could use with an integrated strap with a 600×1200  aluminum ceiling panel:

The reason why the ceiling of the ceiling is messy is that the central air-conditioning, lighting, and exhaust vents have not been clearly arranged for the spray point of the fire. We look up and look at the ceiling, in addition to the aluminum ceiling panel , there are fire sprinklers, lighting Lights, air conditioning and exhaust air, and more chaos. The integrated light strip solves this problem very well.

By integrating the light strips, these devices are placed together and then combined with a 600×1200 aluminum ceiling panel. Then, in the overall decoration space, it will appear more atmospheric, eyes look up, 600×1200 aluminum ceiling panel under the overall light belt, the office space sense is infinitely magnified.

The PRANCE 600×1200 aluminum ceiling  panel has a relatively high flatness and a strong sense of space, so many hotels will prefer this aluminum ceiling panel in the decoration. The office is less used due to space problems, plus lighting, air conditioning entrance, spray point, etc., but if you use a light strip with a 600×1200 aluminum ceiling panel, then the overall decoration effect will be It seems more layered.

PRANCE aluminum ceilings are exported to many countries and the products meet a variety of testing standards.
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Regarding the cost of aluminum veneer, how much do you know?

Aluminum veneer is a common building material. Compared with other building ceiling materials, why is the price of aluminum veneer so expensive? What is the main reason?

Aluminum veneer are generally used for building exterior walls. Each aluminum veneer size requires designers to analyze, scrutinize, and study nodes according to engineering design scales, so that each board size is developed. After various simulation combinations, begin the final development is made the Production plan.

The aluminum veneer without the simulated installation is difficult at the site Installation, between the board and the board is difficult to achieve the overall balance, there will be problems such as the height of the tilt in the place where is combined, Seriously affect the overall decoration effect.

Many times, workers have spent too much time in order to correct the balance of the process, thus delaying the installation schedule and greatly increasing the labor cost of installation. In terms of the overall effect, it is also difficult to achieve the drawing design effect.

In order to achieve the effect of the drawing, after the production of the veneer, it is necessary to carry out multiple simulation installations for optimization and improvement. Although the aluminum veneer produced in this way is expensive in cost, it will be simple and convenient to install after the site is completed, thereby reducing the installation cost and accelerating the completion time of the project.

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It is same product on Aluminum veneer, why price difference so far? It turned out to be…

Aluminum veneer is the main building materials we see in daily life, among which the library and some landmark buildings are the main external walls.Similarly, we can find that the aluminum veneer of these buildings will be more high-end and beautiful than the aluminum veneer we usually see. Why?


Aluminum veneer is generally used in building external walls.Color is one of the factors that influence the appearance of Aluminum veneer wall.Use different colors for different occasions.Because many factories do not have a complete production workshop, nor do they have a complete powder spraying line, resulting in color errors and uneven colors in the production process.This is also the result of Aluminum veneer aesthetic deficiencies.

As for the Aluminum veneer used in some landmark buildings and libraries, they are more in pursuit of the metal texture of the architectural appearance, so these Aluminum veneer require designers to design the appearance of Aluminum veneer according to the architectural drawings, including the number of holes and pattern patterns. Also can design according to different architectural style, choose different color collocation.

Visually, it’s also different.Aluminum veneer customization find FOSHAN PRANCE Building Materials CO., LTD., professional production equipment, first-class design team, for you to design a different curtain wall.


Merry Christmas!

The reason for so many people in other shopping malls ? It turned out to be this…

Christmas is here again, in order to attract more people on the day, many shopping malls are beginning to be filled with Christmas trees and a variety of Christmas decorations. Many shops are also thinking about the day’s activities. But outside the event, the decoration of the environment is also very important.

A lot of shops, playing Christmas songs on the same day, service staff wearing Santa’s clothes, this way of old routines. There is also a lot less festive atmosphere. So today, let me talk to you a way to reduce costs and make the restaurant environment more elegant.

Before the opening of the store, the aluminum open cell ceiling will be used to decorate its own store, so that its store can be more upscale and the environment is more elegant. And the open cell ceiling has a great effect at the festival.We can use the grid square junction point, hang a string of different chandeliers, and use the chandelier light to replace the daily light tube. Forming a special atmosphere, coupled with a little music, the simple romantic atmosphere will naturally attract more customers.

These chandeliers do not need to be removed after the holiday, and can be used as a decoration for everyday use. While saving costs, it can also be used to set off the festive atmosphere.

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