Airport durable white aluminum clip in ceiling

PRANCE offers airport durable white aluminum clip in ceiling in many big projects. They combine functions and aesthetics, and can be customized.
PRANCE aluminum clip in Ceiling System is suitable for all wide range of building sectors including Corporate, Transport (airports, metro, bus & train stations) Retail, Leisure, Public space, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education and Residential.

It is our mission to create quality ceilings. All of our ceilings are designed, optimised and created for perfection. All ceilings go through a rigorous safety check to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Clip in1Prance clip in aluminum ceiling produces coated with polyester powder. The color is guaranteed lasting for 10 years. Very suitable in places like offices, hospital, conference rooms.

Product data:

standard perforation Unperforated Hole size:0.8mm Hole size:1.8mm Hole size:1.8mm Hole size:2.3mm
scale shown  clip-in1  clip-in2  clip-in3  clip-in4  clip-in5
Open Area 2% 19% 9.50% 15%
clip-in8NRC 0.75 0.80 0.65 0.80
clip-in9Standard Size(WxL)
Coating                                      Powder Coating/Pre.Coating
Material                                    Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel/Aluminum
clip-in10Edge Profile                                                        clip-in6
clip-in11Suspension System                                          clip-in7 A-shape Grid

Installation picture for clip in ceiling:

1 Langer 5 Hanger of 38 main channel
2 Hanger of spring tee 6 main channel
3 Expension srew 7 Threal rod
4 Spring tee

More case:

Hotel Commercial building Restaurant
 Hotel  Commercial building  Catering Restaurant


Commercial building modern strip ceiling

PRANCE conducts commercial building modern strip ceiling project in many big projects. They combine functions and aesthetics, and can be customized.
PRANCE aluminum ceiling features:
1. Adapt to various environments, moisture, wind, corrosion and so on.
2. Aluminum ceiling is light in weight, high in hardness, durable and long in use.
3. Construction installation is easy to disassemble, easy to repair and easy to clean.
4. Long-lasting color and resistance to deformation, product environmental protection can be recycled, it is a green environmentally friendly material.
5. Aluminum ceilings are rich in style and color and can be customized.Suitable for all occasions.
Welcome to send an email to us for more details , we are keen to wait for your consultation.

PRANCE aluminum ceiling products are exported to many countries and the products meet a variety of testing standards.

Strip Ceiling

Product data:






Strip Ceiling














Installation picture for strip ceiling:


1  Lange 4  Strip ceiling
2  strip carrier 5  Threal rod
3  Expansion srew



one-stop solution for building
material to the customers
Project Name: Ordos Ejin Horo Airport
Location: Yijinhuoluo Banner in Erdos City
Area: 70000.0 sqm
Solution: Ceiling / Lighting
Windows and Doors
Air condition system
Project Year: 2012



Airport Ceiling
International airport used large area yellowish-brown shape linear ceiling ,makes the space more open



Airport Terminal Ceiling
None-standard ceiling makes the airport like a Mongolian Yurts with local characteristics.

open ceilingopen ceiling

Restaurant Ceiling
Mineral fiber board is good for noise reduction

More case:

 Hotel  Commercial building  Restaurant
 Modern hotel building  Commercial building  Catering Restaurant

Strip ceiling1


Foshan 50 km hiking,we are with you all the way.

This year is the fifth year of Foshan’s 50KM walk. In order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Foshan’s 50km walk, FOSHAN PRANCE Building Materials gathers at the starting point of the Living Water Park-Nanhai Line to witness the beauty of Foshan and the bright future together.


Departing along the Living Water Park, you will feel the early spring birds and flowers, and look far and wide, and your mood will instantly become bright and bright. The walking steps have also become a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Around the Qiandeng Lake Park, walk into the patchwork Qian Deng Hu Lake and Metasequoia, shuttle through it, red chandeliers, plank road piers, enjoy the natural wilderness outside the city life, and discover different levels of beauty. Unconsciously, we came to our first sign, the National Fitness Park.


After signing, it is a 12-kilometer bird-like flower-side riverside landscape belt, river, graffiti, and flowers show you the picture of the South China Sea spring. Walking in it as if people are in the middle of the painting.


Along the Yingyue Lake, we slowly came to Pingzhou Jade Street, the most eye-catching, no more than frogs, rabbits, and carrot-colored dinosaurs, a variety of animal dolls, is the scenery here. Popularity.


All the way forward, along the river, to show the youthful vigor. From day to night, we continue to persevere and temper the will of the people. We go straight to the end, use the footsteps to measure the beauty of the city, and feel the connotation of the city with heart, and feel the Foshan Forest Besieged City and the Green City Flying Flower.


Welcome to contact us for more information and we look forward to working with you.

PRANCE Building Material Co.,Ltd


Regarding the cost of aluminum veneer, how much do you know?

Aluminum veneer is a common building material. Compared with other building ceiling materials, why is the price of aluminum veneer so expensive? What is the main reason?

Aluminum veneer are generally used for building exterior walls. Each aluminum veneer size requires designers to analyze, scrutinize, and study nodes according to engineering design scales, so that each board size is developed. After various simulation combinations, begin the final development is made the Production plan.

The aluminum veneer without the simulated installation is difficult at the site Installation, between the board and the board is difficult to achieve the overall balance, there will be problems such as the height of the tilt in the place where is combined, Seriously affect the overall decoration effect.

Many times, workers have spent too much time in order to correct the balance of the process, thus delaying the installation schedule and greatly increasing the labor cost of installation. In terms of the overall effect, it is also difficult to achieve the drawing design effect.

In order to achieve the effect of the drawing, after the production of the veneer, it is necessary to carry out multiple simulation installations for optimization and improvement. Although the aluminum veneer produced in this way is expensive in cost, it will be simple and convenient to install after the site is completed, thereby reducing the installation cost and accelerating the completion time of the project.

For more information about aluminum veneers, please pay attention to Foshan PRANCE Building Materials Co., Ltd.

The reason for so many people in other shopping malls ? It turned out to be this…

Christmas is here again, in order to attract more people on the day, many shopping malls are beginning to be filled with Christmas trees and a variety of Christmas decorations. Many shops are also thinking about the day’s activities. But outside the event, the decoration of the environment is also very important.

A lot of shops, playing Christmas songs on the same day, service staff wearing Santa’s clothes, this way of old routines. There is also a lot less festive atmosphere. So today, let me talk to you a way to reduce costs and make the restaurant environment more elegant.

Before the opening of the store, the aluminum open cell ceiling will be used to decorate its own store, so that its store can be more upscale and the environment is more elegant. And the open cell ceiling has a great effect at the festival.We can use the grid square junction point, hang a string of different chandeliers, and use the chandelier light to replace the daily light tube. Forming a special atmosphere, coupled with a little music, the simple romantic atmosphere will naturally attract more customers.

These chandeliers do not need to be removed after the holiday, and can be used as a decoration for everyday use. While saving costs, it can also be used to set off the festive atmosphere.

For more information on the use and maintenance of aluminum ceilings, please pay attention to PRANCE Building Materials.

Large station aluminum clip in ceiling board

PRANCE offers Large station lobby decorated clip in ceiling board in many big projects. They combine functions and aesthetics, and can be customized.



Why PRANCE Building Material CO., LTD is your best choice?

1.We are a totally independent marketing, sales and manufacturing organization with strong links to a network of peer Chinese aluminum windows and doors producers whose products complement our own.
2.We can provide numerous references attesting to our high standards of professionalism and reputation in the global market place.
3.We have a strong capital base.
4.We will continue to expand our core business activities and product line through our highly-trained human resources.
5.We actively seek co-operation arrangements with interested international aluminum windows and doors manufacturers.


Glass Curtain Wall | PRANCE

PRANCE waterproof fashion Office glazed wall is very popular in commercial complex projects in many countries. It combines functions and aesthetics, and can be produced customized.

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Reasons for choosing aluminum doors and windows for building decoration

PRANCE aluminum doors and windows can not only achieve the appearance of fine, but also have a good insulation, thermal insulation and other properties.

  1. Has a good rigidity and strength, not easy to damage, use a longer life.
  2. The lighting area is large, the decorative effect is good, the surface can be painted with a variety of colors.
  3. The variety of open forms can be applied to various construction sites.

Applicable places: hotels, office buildings, apartments, hospitals, etc.

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Glass partition advantage | PRANCE

1.During the use of glass partitions, the doors, windows, physical modules and partitions can be exchanged at any time and can be reassembled and reused. After the materials are disassembled and assembled, the damage is minimal, and the expenses incurred by the frequent relocation of offices can be greatly reduced.

2.Installation is faster than regular partitions.

3.The construction voice is small and does not affect people’s working or life.


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A manufacturer of large-scale building materials-PRANCE

PRANCE is a manufacturer of large-scale building materials. The main products are: aluminum buckle plate, aluminum ceiling, aluminum open cell ceiling, aluminum square tube ceiling, aluminum veneer and other metal ceiling products.

PRANCE’s products have passed ISO quality system certification, China Green Green building materials and other quality inspection certificates are brand that you can choose with confidence!

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