KN Company Office Building Project

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Project Name: KN Company office building
Time: April 2018
Area: 3000 sqm
Location: Bulgarian capital – Sofitel
Solution: Metal Ceiling system/ T-grid (ceiling grid)


PRANCE service step for building material & project


1. According to the drawing and BOQ from customer, and the communication between PRANCE’s representatives and clients.We will know the project basic information and the products requests.


2. After PRANCE’s technical team study & analyze the plan drawings and BOQ from customer,we list out to our clients what we can supply, show initial design and offer production quotation.

3. We will make adjustment with our clients suggestions after he/she checked our design plan.
Then we will offer a final design and products application sketches. With the customer’s approval of this order we start the production.

  Metal ceiling system

The project uses the aluminum lay in ceiling of the PRANCE brand, which belongs to the deep drop ceiling, which consists of a decorative panel, a bright T-grid, an upper layer of light steel main keel and related accessories.

• Products: Full perforated lay in ceiling, T-grid, Ceiling system accessories
• Application: Offices,corridor,meeting room
• Total construction area: 3000 square meter
• Characteristics: Moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, durable, etc.



Construction Site

The lay in ceiling panel surface is flat, the lines are bright, and the three-dimensional feeling is stronger. Each board can be disassembled independently for easy construction, maintenance and cleaning.Aluminum lay in ceilings use a flat full perforated form to enhance sound absorption and create a simple, stylish and comfortable office atmosphere.



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