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The different between glass partition and tradition partition.

The different between glass partition and tradition partition.

The main application of Glass partition is Office. The advantage of glass partition is obvious because all the material using for glass partition is green, environment friendly and also longevity. For a long term to see, comparing with other types of partition, Glass partition is more competitive to pick and also has more advantages than those. Let’s get more deeper together and talk more about why glass partition is preference in the market nowadays.

1.The installation of Glass partition is much more easier and convenience than of other type partitions.
2.It’s easy to move door, window, glass, other accessories when we are reconstructing glass partition. The construction has low-rate at the damage on the product because of its convenience installation. Therefore, this provides customers with much lower fee for product moving and also shorten time to construct.
3.The glass partition can be used repeatable because it won’t bring negative influence to environment. It’s green, and environment friendly product that can stay at good condition for a long time period. Therefore, as we compare glass partition with other type of partition, we prefer glass partition because it’s more competitive and has longer time period to use.
4.The layout of cable can be easily functioned in the internal structure. No need to make a hole through the wall and also the protection of cable will become more convenience. The cable slot functions the shield of signal.
5. The door lock can be placed in the middle of glass partition, which becomes convenience when using.
6. The style of glass partition louver is beauty and fashionable. The high quality import louver can be installed inside the double glass and it won’t get dirty and has no need to wash.
7. Great sound insulation between space and space.
8. There are plenty of materials to choose such as double glass with louver and also color plate, gypsum board, fire-proof board and so on.
9. Multiple color to pick for the materials. Different material can be cooperated with different color, even customized color can also be done and applied to our costumer.
10. No effect on others when construction. Having low noise while construction is one of the most competitive advantages for glass partition. Especially, nowadays no one wants to be effected and influence by others nearby who construction. Glass partition does not have this problem which can prevent the noise happening.
11. Fire proof, the system of high glass partition is composed only by metal material and product like glass and color plate also has the function of fire-proof. The maximum time for glass partition to bear normally is around thirty minutes or sixty minutes, or even longer.
12. There has no pollution or rare smell so that it’s usable right after installation.
13. We leave a space for sealing strip inside the door structure because it can upgrade the level of sound insulation and seal-ability.
14. Glass partition looks fashion, high-class, simple and comfort.




Briefly talk about the issues of connection between parts of ceiling installation

Briefly talk about the issues of connection between parts of ceiling installation

Along with the development of economy, we have a higher request on the building decoration and its materials. Furthermore, the beauty of outlook is something we all want to achieve. We, Prance, have devoted to the building materials industry for twenty years. Beside providing customer with high-quality materials and service, more importantly, we want to provide a total solution and systematic service to the product installation of building materials.

As all we know, whether interior decoration or exterior decoration, never ever we can see a building or a project is composed only by one product. With the ideas and thoughts of designers, we want to accomplish the imagination into reality. Therefore, we need to combine different products with different function together in order to achieve a project artistic. However, putting all these different pieces together is not that easy for a building project. For example, the connection structure between the glass curtain wall from external wall and the metal ceiling, or connection issue between aluminum door and the wall picture, or the connection between the customized building style and the traditional way, or the connection between different type of ceiling and also on. As all these examples above listed, none of them can be solved by the traditional appliers who only provide the materials. We, prance, have overcome this issue that struggles almost every traditional applier. Based on the project need and requirement, we have the professional team to provide the design and develop of the product and also installation instruction combined into on stop solution. We have your back.

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Why do the products need to be upgraded? Let’s keep this question in our mind while reading our sharing for today.

Why do the products need to be upgraded?

Let’s keep this question in our mind while reading our sharing for today.

According to the saying from Darwin’s theory of evolution: Natural selection, survival of the fittest.Everything in this world is changing second by second, and the only way to survive in this new world is to fit into the environment and upgrade ourselves. For this process, we named it evolution.

Let’s get to the business,today we are going to share our NEW 80 series high glass partition instead of the old kind.Someone might be confused about what we are talking about, is it the same kind of the product regardless of new or old? The answer to this is no. As what we mention earlier, survival of the fittest is the key term to survive nowadays in this complicated market.Therefore, with the idea of innovation, we decide to upgrade our product, which is the brand new upgraded 80 series high glass partition.

Let’s introduce the old kind we have, 80 series high glass partition. This product is composed by three parts,two buckle plates on each sides and one spring tee. As what can see the picture below,the installation of the old 80 series high glass partition is just like the installation of the toy model when we are kid.We have to spend some time to freak it out all the little parts in order to build them altogether. However, the upgraded 80 series high glass partition (the picture on the right) is a completely entirety. Obviously, the idea of this evolution comes from the old kind.The upgraded 80 series high glass partition brings safe and endurance into another new level. Beside the advancement of safety and endurance, the key improvement of the new product is on the installation. It becomes easier, faster and more convenient. According to some cases that happened before, some complained about the difficulty and complex of the installation of the old production, which force to require more time to install. However, as our new product, the upgraded 80 series high glass partition comes out to the market,we believe that our product will shorten the installation as well as lower the difficulty of installation.




What is the difference between aluminum ceiling and gypsum board?

Aluminum ceiling and gypsum board are two completely different materials, but because their usages are similar, they are often got confused.


Aluminum Square Ceiling is one of the most important parts in ceiling suspension materials. Right now in the global market metal ceiling products become more and more popular. Among all the metal ceiling products, aluminum square ceiling is the most widely used.
Aluminum square ceiling Advantages:
The most suitable for the use of office ceiling decoration materials.It contains good performance of moisture-proof, flame-retardant features,convenient to transport and easy to clean.Has a very good corrosion resistance, against different kinds of environments such as wet or high-ultraviolet.Ecological, non-toxic,tasteless, anti-static, no attraction to dust,High toughness, as well as high fire proof performances, unlike other materials such as mineral fiber ceiling or gypsum board.Longer life usage, not easy to sink deformation and not easy to discoloration.It’s critical to pay attention when choosing good quality aluminum square ceiling.

Gypsum board mainly use plaster as the main raw material. The surface is a special paper for protection. After processing, the plaster board has characteristics of light weight, high-strength, thermal insulation, simple construction and so on.


Aluminum ceiling compared to gypsum board,Has a very good corrosion resistance, against different kinds of environments such as wet or high-ultraviolet.Ecological, non-toxic,tasteless, anti-static, no attraction to dust,High toughness, as well as high fire proof performances, unlike other materials such as mineral fiber ceiling or gypsum board.

Along with the technical progress in many countries, and the development of home decoration material, Aluminum ceiling has replaced gypsum board in many areas.

How to give the product of door and window with life and art elements

“Life is not only about the mess at our short sight , but also about poem and field at our long sight. ” This is the hotel design and built by Prance, and it will become one of the most artistic hotel building in the future. This hotel project will become extremely standout At the sandy and bleak Sahara Desert.



This hotel locates in the Adel City in Algeria. The style of the buildings in this city is simple but slight different from each other. The external facade of the building mainly follows the local style, but penetrates with some Chinese style, especially for the external parts. The style of both inside and outside in this whole building is used with observational panel with flower style.It is such a challenge to the Chinese traditional door and window processing. First, it can’t be bend into a shape straight at once, and the only way to build this into shape is to put multiple radius peach blossom together. Second, because the processing involves with multiple bending process, we have to assure the connections between parts are perfect, and also the accuracy of the sizes. These two struggles drive our clerk, and departments of technology and purchasing department and all other our members crazy because no one has done this before. However, the more work we need to work, the more responsibility we will take because we know who we are who love challenge and finish something others can’t. For the materials using in door and window, we will add Aluminum plate and Stone shape decorated line into regular aluminum section bar and glass which are not likely to be seem in the market. This is all brand new and challenge to us but we love it. How to organize the process and finish the process, how to give the product of door and window with life and art elements. The team of technology and other Prancers discuss about this task night by night and also continue to do examination about the material until the point that gets to perfect. Between the concept and reality, we keep testing and processing and eventually we will find a balance point which the building will be done in a perfect way.




In the end, what will come next is to wait for this oasis in the desert, the hotel project in Sahara Desert.

Corridor ceiling design

Corridor ceiling design is an indispensable and essential part in the decoration of office area , because the corridor plays a role of connecting each office area. Selecting a appropriate ceiling material can greatly improve the beauty of the corridor. At the same time, it increases the overall beauty of office. So how to design the perfect corridor ceiling layout?

Below is the solution of ceiling material in corridor area provided by Prance, after knowing the customer’s design needs, project budget and the actual situation. We can use ththe product combination of different products to achieve unexpected results.

Option 1

This office corridor uses gypsum board (also available for silicate calcium board) for ceiling material to decorate the corridor area, with warm colors from the LED downlight, so that the entire area becomes more bright and soft. Silicate calcium board is better than the gypsum board in functions like moisture-proof and fire resistance, but the price is also higher. As a result, you can according to your own needs and budget to choose one of the materials.


Option 2

In this office project, because the corridor is relatively long. In order to extend this extension, the owner chooses our wooden square tube. With the use of bright double lamps to make the whole corridor more beautiful, giving the entire office a more elegant feeling.