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Types of ceiling suspension

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Among the wide variety of types of ceiling systems and manufacturers, it is difficult to decide what is the best suspended ceilings.They are widely used in the finishing city apartments, private homes, offices and commercial centers.Excellent ceilings combine practicality and high aesthetic quality.Before the final choice of a particular type should learn about them in detail.

1.Gypsum board

2.Clip-in ceiling


4.Mineral Fiber Ceiling


Gypsum board 

He is one of the most popular types of false ceilings thanks to a number of advantages.Firstly, it creates a perfectly flat surface, which hides all irregularities and cracks of old ceiling.Under it convenient to hide all the wires and communications.

Second, use it to create a wide variety of ceiling design.When you work with him a flight of fancy is not restricted.Installation is possible not only single-level, and multiple level ceilings with a combination of different colors, shapes and textures.In addition to the main lighaluminumg in a variety of mounted light.

Finally, false ceiling Gypsum board is optimal for any premises, including the bathroom.But you need to use a water-resistant gypsum board or process the normal water-repellent composition. However, the disadvantage of using Gypsum board is that the replacement is not easy and not convenient.


Before you buy Gypsum board, it is necessary to know how to choose.Depending on the application of drywall has a different thickness, that is 6,5-12,5 mm.The most delicate need to create curved surfaces and thick need to align the walls.When installing the ceiling ideal sheet thickness is 9.5 mm, it is even called the “ceiling.”Acceptable use thicker material, but also need a more robust frame with a large number of profiles and fasteners.


Clip-in ceiling


Clip-in ceiling panels are most often square or rectangular shape. They are made of metal with different protective coaaluminumgs. This is usually iron coated with zinc or duralumin rolling, but there are also plates with a protective layer of powder paint or gloss that can be achieved by chemical polishing.

Ceiling grid system is standard. It consists of transverse and longitudinal rails with adjustable suspension. All these elements are made of aluminum or steel.

Metal Clip-in ceiling made of aluminum and steel panels with curved edges.They have a square shape with sides of a standard size.The surface may be matt and glossy, and the basic color – white, chrome and gold. But for pre-order can be painted in any color.To ensure good ventilation in rooms with high humidity set perforated tape.By filling the gap between the system and the hinged base mineral glass, you could create a good sound insulation.


Benefits Clip-in ceiling:

1.entire structure is lightweight;

2.through effective reflection and scattering of light or white glossy tapes provide good coverage even with a small number of lamps;

3.improves sound insulation and acoustics in the room;

4.undemanding in care during the operation;

5.permissible to wash it with detergent;

6.provide easy access to communications and wires in the ceiling void.

7.Easy to install or uninstall for replacement.



Strip ceiling


Strip ceiling is a metal panels and suspension system to which they are attached with the help of special needles. As a result, as in all species of false ceilings, a space is formed between the ceiling, where all the wires are hidden.When they are installed at the joints between the ceiling and walls are used corners W-shaped or V-shaped form, they contain not only technical but also decorative features.

Strip ceiling is made of metal and covered with a protective layer made of different materials.Thanks to what is achieved and such a variety of colors and textures.In addition, there are rail imitaaluminumg wood, glossy, matte or mirror.

Their sizes range from 2 to 6 meters.When making large areas of the length is not enough, and then it is necessary to connect them.Therefore, buying the material necessary to ensure that all of the panels have a clear geometric shape, while the joints are invisible and give the impression of monolithic structures.Quality Guarantee will be from a larger manufacturer, which will provide quality certificates for its products.Width of ceiling can be even more diverse – from 3 to 40 cm. This allows you to create a variety of design ceilings without dobornyh bars.


Frame for mounaluminumg Strip ceiling consists of versatile tires and spokes.If necessary, align the ceiling hangers-clamps are used.Choosing them should know that the tires made from aluminum, it is permissible to use in all areas. Strip ceiling tiles used only in rooms with normal humidity – living rooms, hotel corridors, hallways, and some commercial areas.


1.Versatility.They can be installed in all types of premises.

2.Moisture.Secure cover strips makes it possible to use them in rooms with high demands on hygiene.They can be washed with detergent and disinfectant process.Over time, they do not change the appearance.

3.Durability.Made of aluminum or steel panels will last many years.Do not deform over time, resistant to damage and retain their decorative effect without any additional care.

4.Express Install.They do not require additional training of overlap, so they can be installed at any stage of repair.


Mineral Fiber Ceiling


He appeared in our country in 90s and has since become increasingly popular. Affordable price made it popular among a wide range of consumers.The ceilings of mineral fiber often installed in shopping and sports centers, office buildings, swimming pools, theaters, etc.

There are a large number of manufacturers that offer products of excellent quality.To make the right choices, we must know the characteristics of all types of panels.

Suspended ceilings mineral fiber – a structure consisaluminumg of a metal frame and square plates.It does not need a ceiling frieze system is so tight to the wall, enough of wall edge of a metal bracket.


Mineral fiber ceiling have several standard sizes, depending on the size and shape of the room to select the most optimal size.There are six basic types: water-resistant, fire-resistant multi-purpose, acoustic, hygiene, design and cheap.The choice of type depends on the characteristics of the room in which they are mounted.

Samples false ceilings Photo:


Universal – have a number of characteristics: moisture, hygiene and acoustic properties, durability and impact resistance.

Waterproof – optimal for rooms with high humidity: the bathroom, sauna or swimming pool.

Acoustic ceilings – in premises with a large area excludes the effect of the echo.Also, they are made to reduce noise – in cinemas, children’s rooms, lecture halls, etc.

Hygiene – suited for institutions, where there are high demands for hygiene.It hospitals, canteens and kindergartens.They are resistant to chlorine, moisture, and thanks to a special coaaluminumg on them do not develop bacteria.

Design – combines functionality and high aesthetics.They often can be found in restaurants, shops and hotels.The ceilings of this type have a rich range of colors and a wide variety of textures.

Cheap – allow you to create a modern style of the room without a large financial costs.


good light reflectance, which improves the room lighaluminumg and the presence of special scanning lamps, which are mounted directly to the frame;

noise reduction, which is particularly important in multi-family houses and in areas with large flow of people;

flammability provides fire safety and makes it possible to install them in any room.In addition, when in contact with open flames, they do not emit harmful substances;

easy installation and access to install communications in the ceiling void;

hypoallergenic obvious advantage for health and child care;

high humidity allowing them to finish the premises SPA-complexes and swimming pools.


How to choose ceiling tiles for an office project?

How to choose ceiling tiles for an office project?

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Suspended or drop ceilings are a popular choice among office projects. In these ceilings, an aluminum grid is attached to the ceiling joists via wire hangers, and ceiling tiles are placed into the spaces of the grid. Ceiling tiles come in a variety of sizes, materials, and price points. As with most office decoration items, the best ceiling tiles are those that most effectively meet your particular needs. The area of your office, your budget, and the appearance of the tiles will all be main considerations when choosing tiles.

Price is often the most important factor when considering ceiling tiles. Composite tiles are some of the most commonly-used because they are both easy to work with and relatively inexpensive. Some types of plastic tile are also quite affordable. Specialty tiles, such as mineral fiber or aluminum, are attractive and available, but will put a much larger dent in your remodel budget.


If your budget allows, and you have a specific look in mind, you may want to investigate the pricier tiles for the sake of appearance. Our website can give you an idea of the options available to you, and may also provide you with information about ceiling tile manufacturers. In addition, we have plenty of project cases you can look at and maybe invoke your ideas. If you want to minimize your expense, but are less than thrilled with the standard off-white color of most composite tiles, look for paintable tiles so you can choose your own color.


The area will also impact your selection of basement ceiling tiles. Most tiles come in standard sizes, with 2 feet by 2 feet (.610 m by .610 m) and 2 feet by 4 feet (.610 m by 1.219 m) being the most common. Small rooms, like bathrooms, may look odd if you use the larger size and may require you to cut down a number of the tiles. Usually we suggest using 300m by 300m. Using small tiles in a large room will increase the number of grid pieces you will need and, therefore, will increase your budget. Furthermore, a smaller room means fewer tiles and may allow you to purchase the specialty tiles you really want.

Additional considerations include durability and soundproofing. Acoustic tiles reduce the ability of sound to travel from one room to the other. This might be desirable if you plan to conduct a meealuminumg and discussion, but want to reduce a lot of noise so that people in another area won’t be disturbed. Tiles may also be washable, paintable, water-resistant, or flame-retardant. Ultimately, you will want to consider all factors together in order to choose the best ceiling tiles for your office or projects.